3 Quick Tips on Using Essential Oils Safely


Aromatherapy utilizes developing exponentially nowadays in its span to the overall population. There is a groundswell of individuals starting to see the genuine restorative advantages of utilizing essential oils to help their general prosperity. They can help get you a decent night’s rest, diminish tension, and have numerous different advantages.

Here are a couple of rules to take after to enable the channel to out the commotion, and start to utilize your oils securely, and with certainty.


You truly can’t turn out badly when you utilize essential oils by means inhalation. The general accord is that regardless of whether you breathe in oil or mix for significant lots of time, the most noticeably bad that will happen would be a migraine, or conceivably sickness. Breathing in using an essential oil diffuser, or by putting a couple of drops on a tissue or material is dependably a sheltered method for utilizing.

Direct application

Utilizing essential oils topically on your skin is the place we begin to see a considerable measure of terrible data out there. You ought to never utilize these oils specifically on your skin. That can have some exceptionally negative impacts, starting with rashes, and completion with some extraordinary affectability issues, and even liver/kidney issues. When utilizing them on your skin, you should constantly weaken them in a transporter oil, similar to grape seed oil or jojoba oil. Whenever weakened, topical utilize is additionally an extremely safe approach to get the advantages they can give. There is as yet a possibility of dermal response or rashes, so a decent general guideline is to complete a fixed test about the measure of a nickel on your inward lower arm to test how your skin may respond.


It is getting to be regular to see a considerable measure of articles out there suggesting the ingestion of essential oils in a caplet to help with different issues. It can’t be focused on enough this is an extremely perilous practice. Ingesting essential oils can prompt liver and kidney disappointment. Our bodies procedure these mixes gradually and can be lethal. Similarly, as you wouldn’t utilize physician recommended drugs without a specialist’s recommendation, you shouldn’t ingest essential oils without master guidance. In the U.S. there is nobody with the best possible information to utilize oils along these lines. If somebody claims themselves as a specialist, continue carefully. Ingesting essential oils can be extremely useful when utilized legitimately. Locate an affirmed clinical aromatherapist on the off chance that you are searching for help with this sort of use, and counsel your specialist too.


Aromatherapy is assuming its legitimate position as a day by day part of individuals’ lives. A decent noticing world is something anybody would need, and enhancing how you feel in the meantime improves it even. Ideally, this guide encourages you to feel certain about utilizing essential oils throughout your life. It won’t take some time before you’ll think about how you lived without them!

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The use of essential oils has been around for thousands of years in various cultures. The oils have been used for therapeutic and health purposes. Popularity of oils  is growing increasingly popular due to their healing property without any side effects.

All Purpose Essential Oils 

    That’s right, not only can you use essential oils for personal beauty, natural medicines or religious purposes, but you can also use them for household cleaning products. Add a few drops of oil to some warm water and spray your countertops or window sills for natural disinfection. You can use oils to clean out the air, defuse some in the air and enjoy a breath of antimicrobial properties. You can make your favorite tea. Are you feeling anxious are stressed? Light some essential oils around your home and let it relax you getting rid of any tension. If you’re having a hard time falling asleep, add some oil onto your pillow and enjoy a peaceful night. There are many beneficial uses for essential oils, and to elevate your home with them may change your life forever.

Healing properties of Essential Oils 

    Extracting organic compounds from plants is how essential oils are made. Aromatherapy is using essential oils for physical, mental and emotional health. Due to their enormous healing properties, essential oils are being strictly explored by the scientific community for variety of diagnoses such as cancer, HIV, asthma, heart attacks and more. Simply adding a few drops of the most common oils such as lavender, lemon, tea tree and peppermint to your favorite beverage can fight cold and flu systems, relax your body and any sore muscles, get rid of any anxiety or tension, heal skin conditions, balance hormones, improve digestion, alleviate pain, clean your home and so much more. The power of essential oils can be accessed many ways, however, most common are aromatic diffusion, topical application, and dietary consumption.

How are essential oils made?

    Extraction of essential oils, which I talked about in the previous paragraph, come directly from bark, flower, fruit, leaf, seed or root of a plant or tree. Distillation separates the oil and water-based compounds from a plant by steaming. The aroma that rises from the essential oils is concentrated, bringing out the strong healing compounds as well as fragrance and properties of the plant of which the oils were extracted from. There are several distillation methods you can do to extract the oils which all require intricate equipment. These include: water distillation, water and steam and steam distillation. There are over 90 different essential oils and most combine well with other oils in regards too the smell and function.

In Conclusion

    If you have been living a life full of anxiety, rushing, muscle aches, headaches, sleeplessness or anything else that induces stress in you that makes you want to give up on life all together, than I highly recommend you getting some essential oils; they may be what safes you from the craziness of life. For more information visit: https://organicaromas.com/blogs/aromatherapy-and-essential-oils



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organic essential oils

Is It Safe To Ingest Essential Oils?

The question as to whether or not it is safe to ingest Organic Essential Oils is a popular topic for debate. On one end some retailers of the oil insist that it is safe and use the cooking uses of the oil as leverage for their claims. On the other end many nutritionists have warned against the ingestion of the oil especially in its potent organic form. Some nutritionists have even expressed that the claims of the oil being suitable for direct ingestion are quite irresponsible.

Cooking vs. direct consumption

There are many recipes out there that include the use of essential oils for added nutrients. For the most part this is said to be a safe practice. Typically it is suggested that you only use about 2 drops in a single recipe for an entire meal since more than this might overpower the meal. The typical suggestion for direct ingestion is placing one or two drops of the oil on or below the tongue to help with certain ailments.

Though some might defend the direct ingestion of the oils by comparing it to its use in meals, these are two entirely different situations. By ingesting 2 drops, you are not only placing just as much of the oil from a full meal on your tongue, it is also not diluted. Therefore you might be taking up to 10 times the amount of the organic oil that you would in a meal.

The Danger of Direct Ingestion of Essential Oils

Organic Essential oils have some very strong elements that allow them to be very effective when inhaled or used on the skin. This is the same potency that will have an effect on your body when taken orally. There have been a handful of reported deaths caused by essential oils and all of these incidents resulted from the oral intake of the oil. This is because it is not hard to overdose on the oils and expose your internal organs to its potent elements. For instance, when the oils go into your body it goes to the liver. Doing this in large amounts can easily overwhelm the liver and cause it to malfunction.

Essential oils have also always been a problem for children, which is why when a woman is pregnant or when breastfeeding, oil use is not advised. The consumption of the oils during this time can lead to the death of the child as it results in dangerous respiratory conditions.

Many studies have additionally shown that the use of essential oils can negatively interfere with any drugs that you are using and have an adverse effect on the body.

Possible Side Effects of Essential Oils

The oils can lead to some of the most dangerous side effects when taken internally. They can cause you to have minor heart issues like heartburn, it can affect the clarity of your sight and you can also experience nausea and diarrhea. Organic Essential oils can also affect your muscles and cause liver damage, and in extreme cases, death.

When you have underlying chronic issues it is not safe to use many of these substances on your skin because they will absorb quickly and exacerbate the situations or cause new issues within your body. Therefore ingesting the oils will be an even worse outcome. For instance when you have gallbladder disease, or any liver condition, essential oils may be deadly if used.


Essential oils have some amazing benefits when used on the skin or when inhaled. However, the oil is made up of very powerful compounds that make it less than ideal to be taken orally, especially in its raw form. Though used in food, this is in a diluted form and is usually in small doses. Therefore you should consider something other than the organic essential oils to remedy whichever ailment you are seeking to treat with its ingestion.

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Four Must-Have Essential Oils for Everyday Use

For centuries, we have harnessed the power of essential oils for its healing properties. Today, we continue with this tradition with the use of aromatherapy.

Essential oils are made from fruits, barks, berries, and leaves of plants. It normally takes huge amounts of plant material just to make a small amount of essential oil via the process of distilling or through carbon dioxide extraction.

Aromatherapy diffuser is often utilized as an alternative in conjunction with conventional medical therapies for a number of common ailments. Also known as ethereal oils, these oils can be used to help treat headaches, stress and stress related symptoms, anxiety, and insomnia to name just a few.

We’ve gathered a list of four oils we think everyone should have in their homes for curing and healing.

Oil of Lavender

The Lavender gets its name from the Latin word “lavare” because it was frequently used in ancient bath houses to assist in ‘purifying the body and spirit’.

So, for a relaxing bath after work, add four drops of lavender oil to warm bath water. Swish the water around so the oil disperses. Soak in the bath for 10-15 minutes and you will feel like new.

For a good night sleep, place two drops of lavender volatile oil on your pillow at night and it will help to calm racing thoughts and prepares you for a good night’s sleep.

Oil of Lemon

Lemon is a versatile oil. A few drops of lemon ethereal oil diffused into a room will have a clean and revitalizing effect.

You can also use lemon essential oil as part of an all-natural cleaning spray for table tops, windows and countertops. Just add 10 drops of lemon oil to water and a cup of white vinegar.

Note: Citrus oils like lemon may cause skin irritation so use rubber gloves when cleaning.

Oil of Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus oil can be used to help eliminate bedbugs. Add two tablespoons of Eucalyptus oil to organic liquid soap, or regular detergent when washing clothes and linen.

Eucalyptus also has great healing powers. Eucalyptus oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties, which makes it a good ingredient for medicines treating respiratory problems.

Note: You should never consume Eucalyptus oil in large quantities because it can be toxic.

Oil of Peppermint

Researchers have found that breathing peppermint will help people stay more alert and focused. For a little pick-me-up, or if you suffer from nausea, sprinkle two to three drops of oil of peppermint on a tissue. Place the tissue close to your nose and inhale the scent as needed.

Alternatively, buy a diffuser and peppermint-scented essential oil to help you stay alert at work. There are also diffusers that work in cars to help you stay alert during long drives.

Essential oil therapy and the Natural Medicine, a migraine trouble relief: Trying to combine a few droplets of any lavender oil also a peppermint oil then apply to certain temples helping with headaches so with a migraines. Decreases cough or even sinusitis: The eucalyptus oil is known as being powerful ability in fighting coughs and colds as it opens up the airways to make breathing much easier.

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