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Is It Safe To Ingest Essential Oils?

The question as to whether or not it is safe to ingest Organic Essential Oils is a popular topic for debate. On one end some retailers of the oil insist that it is safe and use the cooking uses of the oil as leverage for their claims. On the other end many nutritionists have warned against the ingestion of the oil especially in its potent organic form. Some nutritionists have even expressed that the claims of the oil being suitable for direct ingestion are quite irresponsible.

Cooking vs. direct consumption

There are many recipes out there that include the use of essential oils for added nutrients. For the most part this is said to be a safe practice. Typically it is suggested that you only use about 2 drops in a single recipe for an entire meal since more than this might overpower the meal. The typical suggestion for direct ingestion is placing one or two drops of the oil on or below the tongue to help with certain ailments.

Though some might defend the direct ingestion of the oils by comparing it to its use in meals, these are two entirely different situations. By ingesting 2 drops, you are not only placing just as much of the oil from a full meal on your tongue, it is also not diluted. Therefore you might be taking up to 10 times the amount of the organic oil that you would in a meal.

The Danger of Direct Ingestion of Essential Oils

Organic Essential oils have some very strong elements that allow them to be very effective when inhaled or used on the skin. This is the same potency that will have an effect on your body when taken orally. There have been a handful of reported deaths caused by essential oils and all of these incidents resulted from the oral intake of the oil. This is because it is not hard to overdose on the oils and expose your internal organs to its potent elements. For instance, when the oils go into your body it goes to the liver. Doing this in large amounts can easily overwhelm the liver and cause it to malfunction.

Essential oils have also always been a problem for children, which is why when a woman is pregnant or when breastfeeding, oil use is not advised. The consumption of the oils during this time can lead to the death of the child as it results in dangerous respiratory conditions.

Many studies have additionally shown that the use of essential oils can negatively interfere with any drugs that you are using and have an adverse effect on the body.

Possible Side Effects of Essential Oils

The oils can lead to some of the most dangerous side effects when taken internally. They can cause you to have minor heart issues like heartburn, it can affect the clarity of your sight and you can also experience nausea and diarrhea. Organic Essential oils can also affect your muscles and cause liver damage, and in extreme cases, death.

When you have underlying chronic issues it is not safe to use many of these substances on your skin because they will absorb quickly and exacerbate the situations or cause new issues within your body. Therefore ingesting the oils will be an even worse outcome. For instance when you have gallbladder disease, or any liver condition, essential oils may be deadly if used.


Essential oils have some amazing benefits when used on the skin or when inhaled. However, the oil is made up of very powerful compounds that make it less than ideal to be taken orally, especially in its raw form. Though used in food, this is in a diluted form and is usually in small doses. Therefore you should consider something other than the organic essential oils to remedy whichever ailment you are seeking to treat with its ingestion.

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